02.07.2019 Kadri Aavik

02.07.2019 Associate Prof. Kadri Aavik

Interlinked Oppressions, Solidarity Politics and Intersectional Alliances: Possibilities for Collaboration between the Animal Advocacy Movement and other Social Justice Causes


This class focuses on understanding how various forms of oppression are interlinked, focusing particularly on the links between the categories of species, gender and (dis)ability in the context of social movements. We will discuss opportunities for and limitations to solidarity politics and forming intersectional coalitions between social justice movements. Particularly, the focus will be on the potential for collaboration between the animal advocacy, feminist and disability movements. Specific examples of successful intersectional activism as well as barriers to forming such alliances will be discus-sed. Students are encouraged to bring examples of their own.


Kadri Aavik is an Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Tallinn University, Estonia and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She holds a PhD in Sociology and an MA in Gender Studies. Her research contributes to critical animal studies and vegan studies. She has studied the animal advocacy movement and its links to other social justice movements, the reluctance of mainstream feminists to embrace animal justice and veganism, institutional resistance to veganism, on the example of medical encounters in Estonia, and the role of national dietary guidelines in promoting human use of other animals.